June 11, 2010

Buck Rogers, lost in time

I know you've heard this all before in fiction and in movies and what not, but I have an actual gateway through time in my backyard. Before you get all excited, let me just say that it's a one way window FROM the past, and not that distant a past at that. It's from exactly six months and three weeks. Yeah, I know exactly. I've tested it, but we'll get to that later. I've tried to tell people, but no one believes me. Ok, I have a reputation of being a dreamer. In fact less charitable people have harsher epithets for me, but I digress.

It all started eight months ago.

It was five-thirty AM or maybe six, the sun was cresting the tall Tupelo tree in the yard. The cat, nominally my neighbor’s, but it lives in my house, had decided that this was a good time for me to get up and let him out. So I went to the dining room with my laptop to get some writing done. It’s a nice place to be at that hour, the sunlight comes streaming in through the big bay windows and I get to see the yard light up as the sun starts hitting it. I had been writing for something like ten or twenty minutes when movement caught my eye. A young buck, a year or a year and half old, came sauntering into the garden out of the southeast corner which connect with the woods.

I was gobsmacked. I had seen foxes and raccoons aplenty since I had moved in last year but I had never seen deer! I quickly groped on the table for my camera which I always keep with me. But swore gently to myself, I had forgotten it on my bedside table! Luckily my lover’s little point and shooter was on the table so I grabbed it and starting snapping pictures through the windows.

The whitetail buck nosed around in my vegetable patch for a while and then sauntered out towards the south west, which my neighbors have fenced in. It walked into trees’ shadow over the underbrush and scrub with its long legged gait, and abruptly disappeared! I was sure I must have imagined it, I must just have lost sight of it in the shadows, and vegetation, and that it would be coming back out of the impasse soon enough. But fifteen minutes later, it had yet to appear. I went out to investigate, found tracks soon enough, but they just stopped a few paces away from the fence!


Pictures all from my RI trip