October 13, 2010

Okurokami - part 14

I have cast the last of my pebbles behind, fossilized memories, to help me find my way.
I want to go back because ahead of me lies only a web of weakness, poverty, and bone dry bottles converging to the point of my death. But looking back, the pebbles I have cast behind me have bloomed into flowers of ash that are being carried away with by a sad breeze.
There is nothing behind me and nothing ahead as I walk through my war torn mind.
My present is only the blade’s edge, one that I walk until I reach the point that will pierce me and end the battles.
I know where the next step on this path will lead me... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ingen had gone pale… and he laughed nervously as Takeko carefully folded the cloth and returned it to its container.

Teruro was hovering beside him doing his best to hide his curiosity, “So you actually saw something in there?”

Looking pale and unusually thoughtful, Ingen replied, “I saw my end… I reckon it shouldn’t have surprised me, all things considered. Have you looked into that thing?”

Teruro nodded and shrugged, “Yes, I have. I see only my reflection…” 

Ingen grabbed a bottle of sake and emptied it neatly down his throat, “Hey Takeko, what the hell did I just see? Was that the future? Can it be changed?”

She shrugged in response, “You saw the truth… As far as I know no truth is absolute.”

“I would like to know is how this helps us…” Teruro asked mildy.

“Well, it has shown that Ingen can, to some extent, be trusted: he hasn’t lost his mind…”

"Gee thanks... By the way, I saw were we need to go next... It's about days walk from here. So lets get some sleep, or finish drinking… Better yet, let’s finish drinking and then get some sleep.”

Teruro looked at Takeko who merely nodded and rolled back up into her covers saying, “Don’t get too drunk Ingen. We’re setting out at first light in the morning.”

He only responded with a drunken snore as the last bottle of sake slipped from his fingers.
Teruro sighed and started cleaning his sword by the fire’s light.