November 20, 2009

A tale of two mountains

"Two mountains decided to talk, but couldn’t being mountains. So they decided to build a vine bridge by which they could communicate, but one of them didn’t really try so after a while the other one gave up and wove itself a balloon and floated away."


"A long time ago, two mountains decided to talk. But mountains can't talk and mountains are what they were. So they decided to build a vine bridge by which they could communicate. However, one of the two mountains was lazy and untrue. It only halfheartedly began working on the bridge and was soon doing other things. So the first mountain, the hard working one, stopped building the bridge and used all of its vines to build a balloon and floated away."

Not fixed on which I like best yet. I'm waiting for one of the versions to float away.

November 18, 2009

A draught of thought =/= a draft of soft

Pretty covers hide dreck more often than riches
Unopened books, an arm's length away
Potential, hopes, and wishes
It is safer to walk on by
Rather than try

Who chooses the safe way?

July 5, 2009


Greetings wanderers,

I am but a poor bard of mean talent and yet it falls upon me to retell the stories of quests both heroic and petty for good meals and other gallant adventures.
I feel I should tell you that although much of what you may read here does not conform to the standard definition of reality or truth... when it comes to the food, a bard brooks no untruths.

Safe travels, and (I hope) happy reading,
Alesa Warcan.