March 23, 2010


The circus is pretentious and what weird state of affairs that is. The bright colors are shabby and the air forced gaiety is like the voluptuousness of plastic storefront mannequins. Litter and discarded popcorn are remarkably absent from their paths. It’s a good thing that they’re oblivious to their surroundings.

People cross paths everyday, hundreds upon hundreds, thousands upon thousands, numbers untold… but how often do people truly meet? But when they do everyone else seems to fade away.

This night these two have met and for now they are alone in the world… It started with a small thing a shared dislike of manic clowns pretending to artistry while pushing the slapstick shtick to unprecedented heights. This was perhaps not the most auspicious of beginnings, but it didn’t matter at all. A shared look of disgust and a mute agreement to leave... later they are outside the tent venting to each other, quickly moving on to sharing each other's likes and dislikes…
“What kind of music do you like? Got any names?”
“Never heard of them… but if you like that style, you may like…”
“Have you read…”
Laughter and lighthearted exchange ensues.
Everything is possible, and the relationship wheel spins.
Time slips away and they have walked through half the city, the evening, and the night…
And now the sun rises.