April 9, 2010


Time within time, asinine creation of the blind
Askance aware of existence, suspicious of its dance
Denying Chronos, my trance consigning him to the fictitious
The roil of men as they toil, till the soil, ‘til awakens the soul
To the stark essence of the dark, the simple incense of light
Both rapture in flight, beyond tempo’s capture its height
To strong emotions treason to reason, that know no season
If, improbable impossibility, pendulum experienced passion,
Belatedly it would bypass the burden of its beat
Lay waste to the lies, 'til they lie unmoving at their feet
And laugh for though timeless, emotions change
And laugh for though timeless, their recipients are not
No measure, whether hither little or thither much,
Infinite for to live, to hate, to love.

"Waterfall" (1961) Maurits Cornelis Escher