April 24, 2010

Maybe mexico, maybe not.

This story takes place in Mexico City after the big earthquake they had a couple years back. Though it could just as easily have happened in any city after a natural disaster.

Two protagonists:
-Walking down the street, an old grimy man carrying two garbage bags.
-A young grimy man with two garbage bags next to him sitting on the pile of rubble crying his heart out.

The old man comes level to the young man and asks him "What's the matter, why are you crying so?"
The young man explains through his tears that the pile of rubble beneath him is all that is left of his home and that, now, of all that he possessed, only the contents of the two garbage bags next to him remain.
The earthquake had made a pauper of him.

The old man pulls a bottle of aguardiente from one of his two bags offers the young man a drink. The old-timer speaks kind comforting words to him all the while smiling gently like a saint, eventually, the young man feels his grief abate somewhat.

The young man is full of wonder at the old man's calm and serene demeanor. The old man seeing that his junior feels a bit better, bids him good day and starts to walk away...

The young man asks the elder before he is out of earshot,
"How can you be so calm, are you not like me? Aren’t your worldly possessions limited to the contents of your two garbage bags?"
To which the elder turns around and grins brightly as he answers: "I 'm not like you; this is all I've ever had..." And with that the old bum walks away cackling.