April 12, 2010


Hmm... "Plop" the sound of me dropping musings into the pond.

I'm new to this active blogging thing, I used to haunt a message board and the dynamic there is different. I think it made some things easier, conversing and interactiveness… for instance.

On a message board, it's like visiting neutral ground, a common room where people discuss or play or argue or improetise...
Blogs, from my recent observations tend to be one person posting on "their blog", a variable number of other people commenting (commenting describes it well) and, for the blogs where the author can be bothered (often the better ones) responses to the comments from the author.

Take Terresa from the Chocolate Chip Waffle, for example, she often ends her posts with a question, which is an opportunity for the readers/commenters to participate, and yet it seems to me that more the 75% of commenters just comment without responding to the question... Or is it just me, are the questions rhetorical? They don't seem to be... "What are good puppy names?" seems fairly straightforward and direct.

Also, it seems that (mostly) only a blog’s most recent post get commented on… And in a way, I understand that if you have an autobiographical blog (as most are), getting comments about something you did 5 years ago might not be relevant to your present self. I also realize that the system encourages this approach (unless the poster systematically subscribes to their posts or RSSs all of the comments they have no way of knowing about old post that receive comments, or turn on full moderation for old posts), but it’s too bad, it seriously limits the depth of discussions (and play).

Another thing I’ve observed is that people are remarkably nice. It seems that there is an unnaturally low number of negative or even just critical voices (to a fault?)… Maybe I haven’t been on the “right” kinds of blogs… That said I’m not made of sugar (or spice and everything nice), I welcome having anything I write being lambasted (wouldn’t be the first time), if it doesn’t stand up to it, then it wasn’t well enough written and will hopefully come through improved. It feels as if I walked through a magical gateway. At my back a gotham city, “Hey, watch it buddy… I’m walking here!”, and in front of me something I’m not entirely sure of yet… Though I suspect I see unicorns in the distance.

Naturally, I’m only describing trends that I’ve observed as I look into an ever widening circle of random and specific blogs. And of course, there are a number of exceptions to each of the points I’ve raised above. I lift my cup of rooibos to the exceptions (both online and off), you all make my day.

So far, this blogging experience, while alien, is proving to be quite interesting. I’ve met some very interesting people, and I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with them.