April 19, 2010

Scene in the subway

Just past the morning rush hour in a major metropolis. Deep within the bowels of the city, an unlikely scene took place at the top of a set of stairs leading to the platform of the underground train.

The far off sound of an approaching train, a young woman with her little girl and a stroller, and an athletic looking black-clad young man. The actors are set. Action!

The young man strides along the hall concentrating on some private matter and comes to the top of the stairs. “Please! Take my child!” says a heavily accented voice behind him.
There stands the young woman trying to juggle a stroller and a three or four year old child.

“Alas, I cannot! My heart belongs to another”, he quickly replies as he swiftly walks up to the child. He towers above the little girl. She looks up at him with something that is not quite distrust, interrogation perhaps. He grins winningly and bows a courtly bow which almost brings his face to the child’s level, “Young lady, may I have this dance?” Her brown eyes open wide with amazement and undisguised delight. She shyly offers him her hand, he swoops her up, and in four great bounds they have flown down through the flights of stairs; the little girl screaming laughter all the way down.

He gently puts the child down and waits for the mother to catch up, then winks at the little girl and fades into the crowd before the mother can even thank him.
The subway train pulls in. The platform empties.
The train pulls out into a dark tunnel…
Fade to black.

Picture by Thomas Calveirole