April 14, 2010

Tea in the Samsara with you...

‘Tis a tale from a land far to the east...
So far to the east that the sun is lonely as she awakens…

Once upon a time, in this distant land, a knowledgeable professor was told that although he knew about words, numbers, and sciences, the old hermit up on the lonely mountain was wiser than he. And so the professor set out to meet this wise-man, up on top of the mountain that he called home.
After an arduous climb, the professor arrived to the home of the hermit, just barely said hello before starting to display his knowledge of the workings of weather, of the growth and development of life, of philosophies, of history, of medicine, of biology, of theology, of the methods for counting from distant Arabia, of the secret means of changing gold into lead and on and on he spoke.... meanwhile the wise-man brought a teapot and two cups... He filled the professor’s cup to the brim and yet poured on.
Slightly unnerved the professor said "What are you doing? Can't you see the cup is full?”
The old man answered mildly, speaking for the first time, "Indeed, it is like you... So full it can not contain anything else.”
This infuriated the knowledgeable professor and so he drew forth his sword with the intent of killing the wise-man. But meanwhile the hermit, still pouring tea with one hand, had pulled a brush from his pocket with his free hand and swiftly painted a sailboat.
He poured and poured and the tea flowed and flowed and became a green ocean.
The wise-man on his painted boat sailed away over the cup of tea's horizon and was never heard from again.
The story doesn't say what happened to the professor, but it is supposed that he developed an aversion to tea.

Sketchy Doodle 2002 (left as is) 

*Story very loosely inspired from one I was told as a moppet.