June 3, 2010

Dance dance dance

As a child, I danced amidst hate filled faces.
I danced to the top and ignored feigned social graces.
I brushed barriers aside and broke away from the dark places.

I was dancer by nature and definition and thus did I shape my mind and body.

The wheel of time spun its frantically lazy pirouette; with its revolutions came realization that there was no place in the world for a drop-forged dancer... at least none that I could morally accept or intellectually bear.

So I changed scenes.
I am still a dancer.
I am no longer a child, but I am still dancer.
Maybe not the dancer I once was, but I am still a dancer.

I just express the dance differently... sometimes in writing, sometimes in music; but in full truth and truthfully in all that I do.

I am dancer carried by the music of life, as such the rhythm is always
easier to find.

Come! Dance with me.

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Sylvie Guillem