May 14, 2010

We interupt our regularly scheduled program for

A blatant filler!
Apologies to you readers...
There is a very good reason for the delay...

It isn't just laziness and prioritizing quality time with someone special (oh and work too I suppose)...
Actually that IS just it. : p

And to top it off, I'm going off for the weekend (no internet land!).
Scandalous, I know.

Sorry to leave you all hanging!
Under the gables will come to an end next week. 

Yep I said it and in so doing I have hung Damocles' sword above my head.

In the meantime I grabbed some music from a recent jam session and stuck holiday pictures in to make a video.
"Must placate the readers, must placate the readers..."

My lover, a friend, and I in the basement.
They are good amateur musicians... I can't really keep up, but at least I can deal with the recording and edit.

In case you were wondering, they were both on steel string guitars, I was on flute and percussion.

Sorry for the noise in the recording:
one mike for three people and taxed low end gear.